Month: August 2022

  • 11 August 2022

    CE: Strategic Overview

    Martin Charter, Director at the Centre for Sustainable Design University for the Creative Arts, during his speech at Re-think Circular Economy Milan held in February 2022, started his speech introducing the concept of ircular economy. Circular economy is part of the broader approach to sustainable development and picks up a number of the Sustainable Development Goals. What we’ve really seen over the last 7-8 years is an increased usage of the term “circular economy”. Actually, the first legislation about circular economy was created in China in 2008. It’s also important to recognize that we move in waves and we are presently, in Charter’s opinion, in a fifth green consumer wave; and those waves have different perspectives, so this particular wave that we’re in at the moment, is very much around the climate change, around nature and biodiversity, but also the social and community dimension, because of Covid has come in. Also, a key element of this wave is the engagement by youth in the agenda. Perspective is everything. Yes, there might be trends focusing on particular issues, but it is essential to keep our overall perspective. Continuing, Charter explained that 2015 was a critical year for many reasons globally and in Europe there was the Paris Agreement, and the recalibration of the sustainable development agenda with the launch of the the SDGs, but also it was the Commission’s first attempt to bring together awhole package of policies in the Circular Economy Action Plan (CEAP) 1.0. – that was then brought together into a CEAP 2.0. What was particularlyinteresting is that there was a focus on new sectors, for example clothing and textiles becoming much more in the focal area for circular economythinking.But of course, Covid really hit everybody and has led to a lot of uncertainty, but before this we...
  • 4 August 2022


    INNOVATION IN THE WORLD OF SUSTAINABLE ITALIAN FASHION   Founded in 2019 by Giovanni Lucchesi after returning from a year-long volunteering experience in Zambia, Mafric is an ethnic-ethical clothing line with an ambitious mission: to promote the employment of people in fragile situations, while conveying a message of multiculturalism, inclusion and sustainability through fashion.    Mafric creates its collections starting from fabrics with prints reminiscent of the colours and patterns typical of Africa, combining them with plain-coloured fabrics to create garments that combine purely Italian style and quality with the exotic colours of distant cultures. The garments in the collections are made exclusively by social tailors located in the Milan and Como areas, where people from highly vulnerable backgrounds, especially women and migrants but also ex-convicts and people with mental and physical disabilities, learn the trade of professional tailors. In this way, Mafric is personally committed to making up for the lack of social vocation on the territory that characterises most fashion companies in Italy, which neglect the impact their production has on workers and the community. With great commitment also in terms of environmental sustainability, Mafric adopts circular economy dynamics through the use of recovered fabrics and recycling and upcycling processes thanks to collaborations with organisations that have been working in these fields for years. By adopting the principles of Slow Fashion, i.e. slow, ethical and solidarity fashion, Mafric aims to offer an alternative production and consumerist model as opposed to the increasingly criticised Fast Fashion, i.e. fast disposable fashion, whose effects are detrimental to both the environment and society.   Numerous small local projects with a mission and commitment similar to Mafric’s already exist, what distinguishes Mafric from the others and makes its project unique and innovative, is its modus operandi and the ambitious goal it sets out to...
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