• 26 May 2023

    Perché sostenere Tondo APS

    Cos’è Tondo APS? Fondata nel 2018, Tondo APS è un’associazione che si propone di perseguire lo sviluppo, la diffusione e l’applicazione dei principi e dei concetti dell’Economia Circolare.
  • 12 May 2023

    CLOCKS, CLOsing the loop

    Clocks: CLOsing the loop is a project promoted by EIT Raw Materials, co-founded by the European Union, and developed together with the University of Padova.
  • The liquid economy is a concept that revolves around the idea of sharing and renting rather than owning, so that consumers can access it when needed.
  • Il 9 e 10 giugno Tondo organizza un hackathon per studenti universitari e neolaureati a tema Città circolari, con cinque challenge su diversi temi.
  • Subito is a digital platform that enables millions of people to share items such as sofas, cars, apartments or even jobs from the local community.
  • Luca Meini spoke about circular cities and circular economy at Enel, proposing new models and different tools to move towards a mor circular future.
  • Shyaam Ramkumar gave an overview on circular economy business models applied to fashion, and how the textile industry can switch to circular economy.
  • Misurare la circolarità sta diventando un tema sempre più rilevante per le aziende, e Tondo sta sviluppando due tool per la misurazione della circolarità.
  • Paola De Bernardi spoke about the paradox and limits of the agri-food system, then suggested possible operational solutions.
  • 17 March 2023

    Endless recycling: is it possible?

    During the last Re-think in Milan, Kirsi Terho, Key Account Director of Infinited Fiber, spoke. Infinited fiber is an innovative startup from the perspective of developing new infinitely recyclable materials so that the textile industry is more sustainable. She says that in the textile industry, the time for using virgin fibers is over. Infinited Fiber makes this possible with its technology. They are a technology company that is turning old clothes into a new textile fiber. They take trashed clothes and make them into a new textile fiber called Infinna, that can be turned into yarns. The technology uses cellulose in the waste as its raw material to create the new fiber. It’s a unique technology that they are using at their pilot factories in Finland. Infinited Fiber was founded in 2016. Technology has been around a lot longer. It has been studied at the Technical Research Centre of Finland, VTT, and Infinited Fiber Company was spun off to commercialize the technology. It’s a patented technology that allows textile fibers’ regeneration – or rebirth. The dream is to stop waste from being wasted and to make textile circularity a reality by capturing the resources in the waste and giving them new value as new fibers. Infinited Fiber collaborates with several of the world’s leading fashion and apparel companies, like H&M Group, Patagonia, and Adidas, which have also made big commitments through investing in the company or signing multi-year purchasing deals, or both. Climate change is real as we all know, and these brands know it too. They are paying attention to sustainable sourcing, and they have made public pledges to shift to products made from recycled materials. To make good on these promises, they need innovations that enable high-quality textile-to-textile recycling, and Infinited Fiber is offering one such solution. Of...
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