Blue Economy

  • 1 September 2022

    The Dutch Magic

    During the Re-think Circular Economy Forum held in Taranto in 2021, Cees Willem Koorneef, Director of PortXL Antwerp, shared some insights from the Netherlands, in particular about the port of Rotterdam, and about what is actually happening in global challenges, but he also gave some inspiration from the port ecosystems, as he called it the “Dutch Magic”. It’s all about the global challenges, therefore not only the challenges in Italy, but also in the port of Rotterdam where he has been working for 25 years. The main challenges in the world Ports regards:  •         demand and supply, changing a lot because of Covid-19 pandemic and also because of a ship blocking the Suez channels lately; •         predictibal logistics; •         global congestion: in the big ports all over the world everybody is looking for empty containers, there’s a congestion of ships waiting on the anchorage; •         carbon footprint; •         the need for energy transition and, with this transition, also comes the urge for digitalization: the ports logistics is still a bit conservative, there’s a need for digitalized sensors and traceable logistics.  To create a sustainable port ecosystem, Cees Willem Koorneef said PortXL believes in building coalitions, consortia and it’s crucial to be aware of your innovation ecosystem. Of course you need talent in your ecosystem, so youth education is crucial, but also an innovation maturity of your corporate companies (this is something PortXL is exploring in many ports), startup activities, so in which way are young companies being promoted and stimulated as a spin-off of the universities or to start your own business as an entrepreneur. The other pieces of the puzzle are about capital (there needs to be money available to really support innovation in the ecosystem) and the ecosystem connectedness.  The experience in the port of Rotterdam underlines that,...
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