• 15 September 2020

    Innovation Call

    English Version At Tondo we support changemakers and therefore we are pleased to announce an Innovation Call with a focus on the Circular Economy and related to our main event Re-think Circular Economy Forum! Startups that carry out activities related to the Circular Economy can apply to the Innovation Call organized by Tondo with different partners. The call aims to select highly innovative projects that are feasible from a business point of view and capable of generating a strong positive impact on the environment. The call is open to the startups that are already established, or innovative ideas which are not yet materialized and which are operating in the thematic macro-areas that will be discussed during Re-think Circular Economy Forum (Agri-food, Cities, Materials and Technology), the event on the Circular Economy organized by Tondo on October 27th and 28th. The call might give to the selected startups the possibility to pitch during the main event and, in addition, the four winning startups (one for each macro-area) will receive some services from our partners (such as strategic and commercial support, help in applying to national and European grants,…), and a cash prize of 1.500 € will be awarded to the one that will achieve the highest score by the innovation jury. The macro-areas of the event, that are also the main focus of the Innovation Call are: Agri-food: agriculture 4.0, new types of cultivation such as Indoor and Vertical farming, and new methods of food preservation and transportation; Cities: urban context organized in a circular way, presenting actual projects, but also possible future trends with a focus on smart cities, mobility, biocycle & waste, urban, water, and air; Materials: biomaterials that are increasingly replacing synthetic ones, emerging practices in the reuse and regeneration of materials (organic and synthetic) and future trends in material science; Technologies: emerging...
  • 30 April 2020

    Tondo PodCast

    By Paola Vinci – Fashion Analyst at Tondo English Tondo PodCast is the first Italian PodCast that creates a dialogue with startups operating in the world of Circular Economy.  Tondo PodCast collects successful stories, narrated by founders and characters who explain the business models, the circular and the sustainable practices implemented in their startups. With this project, Tondo wants to give a voice to concrete and innovative solutions, aimed at creating a network of realities which operate in the Circular Economy, involving different actors who focus their activities on circularity, social equity and sustainability.    Tondo PodCast wants to spread a circular culture, breaking down communication barriers and raising people’s awareness of the necessity to adopt a regenerative and sustainable system. Through our interviews, experts and founders will tell the stories, the challenges and the future projects of their startups, representing an inspiring model for students, startup founders and entrepreneurs who want to approach the world of Circular Economy. The startups will be selected according to a circularity framework that includes the sustainable inputs and the possibility to convert products into services. These latters can extend products’ useful life undertaking recycling and regenerating processes, key element of the new business models.               The framework has been implemented in different sectors, as demonstrated by the startups that have already joined our project: Mogu, Orange Fiber, Enerbrain and Hexagro. We record periodically new interviews that will be published on Spreaker, Spotify, iTunes and on our social media channels.    You will also find the episodes on a specific section of our website, dedicated to Tondo PodCast. On May 21st at 18:00 CET we will launch Tondo PodCast during a live event that will host the founders of two important Italian startups that operate in Circular Economy. Register here for the live event: Italiano Tondo...
  • 4 February 2019

    Why Re-think?

    English Version “With Re-think we take the first step towards the Circular Economy” Accelerating the transition from the linear model, in which we live, to a new circular productive paradigm, where nothing is wasted and human activities have no negative output on the environment. This is the target of Tondo, an association unofficially launched in April 2018, which was set up in November of the same year, with the idea of ​​acting concretely for the development of the Circular Economy. The association arised from the will of Francesco Castellano, president and founder of Tondo: «We want to transform the Circular Economy into a practical reality». The first step is Re-Think, a forum on the Circular Economy, to be held in Milan on the 14th of February, at the Catholic University (for more information, click here: The event will involve industry experts, startups and corporations that are moving towards the Circular Economy. Why participate? Castellano explains this: «The forum is an opportunity to acquire a medium and long term vision on some topics related to the Circular Economy. Participating therefore means finding ideas that will soon become market trends and opportunities to develop new businesses». In this interview, Francesco tells us about the birth and the objectives of Tondo. How is Tondo born? The idea for the association comes from my real experience. I was swimming in the sea, the place was beautiful from a naturalistic point of view, but it was completely ruined by the presence of plastic: there was plastic everywhere. On the sand, in the sea. I began to question myself about the world in which we live and I have identified two enormous problems, evident to all, which it is impossible to not see now. The first is plastic: it is stupid to continue throwing tons...
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