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  • 19 October 2022

    Education for sustainability

    Enhancing marine protected areas through waste recovery During the Re-think event held in Naples in July, Carmine Esposito, Head of Mare Vivo Campania region, presented Mare Vivo, an environmental association that has been working nationally and internationally for more than 40 years to protect the sea and the environment. It consists of its own scientific technical committee of University professors, researchers, and professionals who are experts in the various issues the association deals with. The association is divided into territorial delegations and divisions, such as the diving division, the marine protected areas division, the rivers division, and, most recently, the naval league division. The latter arose from a memorandum of understanding with the Italian Naval League as part of a project having as its object pollution, which aims to reduce marine pollution by microplastics. This battle has been carried on for some time now. All activities carried out by the association aim to increase the attention of public opinion and relevant institutions toward the sea. Among the activities carried out are environmental education, scientific research, sustainable development, training, information campaigns, and shoreline and seabed cleanup activities. In recent years, Esposito continued, environmental education programs have given much satisfaction. For example, the “Dolphin Guardians” project features children as protagonists. It aims to increase their awareness of the enormous environmental, landscape, and natural heritage that their territory possesses, as well as wanting to reverse the direction by trying to reduce the impact of pollution. At the end of the “Guardian Dolphins” course, the participating children will become true sentinels of the sea, able to carry out monitoring and reporting activities at the relevant maritime offices of the harbor master’s office. Numerous educational institutions throughout Italy have been reached with great satisfaction. Mare Vivo also, Esposito continued, schedules several educational visits with foundations...
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