With the goal to foster the transition towards circular models of production in the Italian textile industry, we conducted an analysis measuring the level of sustainability and circularity at sector and company scale.

The textile industry represents a crucial sector of the Italian economy. Through Circular Economy practices, this sector could not only become more sustainable, but also more productive and even profitable.

The Study

The study aims to depict an overview of the current situation and to accelerate the transition towards the circular economy in the textile sector, identifying the best practices put in place and the major challenges faced by companies.

It was developed on 3 levels of analysis:

  • Desk search:a set of sustainable and circular actions for the textile industry were identified and we verified which of these actions have been implemented in a sample of 300 companies in the North of Italy.
  • Questionnaire: a sample of almost 70 companies involved in the research filled a questionnaire aiming to evaluate the level of circular and sustainable practices in a series of key areas.
  • Circularity assessment: a detailed analysis based on material flows for 2 companies was developed to calculate a circularity index at the product level adopting the Ellen MacArthur Foundation's methodology.

The Event


to spread an active and participative Circular Economy awareness

Best Practices

to promote and disseminate the existing circular practices


to strengthen a network that triggers virtuous and sustainable actions


to offer practical tools to develop Circular Economy models

June 22nd 2021
fondazione pistoletto, biella


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Event & Research Partner

Event & Research Partner

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