The Future is Circular

The Circular Economy with Tondo

Tondo is the reference point for those who believe in a sustainable and innovative future through the Circular Economy. The idea behind a circular approach, as opposed to a linear one, is to imitate the behaviour of nature, where there is no waste and every output becomes an input for another process. Tondo’s mission is to foster this resilient economic model to reduce waste, protect the environment and create new economic opportunities.

and resources

We believe in the power of knowledge dissemination of knowledge to create new possibilities. That is why we are committed to creating and researching high-quality content. Dedication, research, and data analysis are the basis of our work.

Events, hackathons
and education

We organize events, hackathons, workshops and classes to create and spread knowledge about the latest trends in the Circular Economy and to support the development of new projects through new connections.

and Research

We conduct studies on issues and trends relevant to the Circular Economy and we create projects to make an impact with the principles of circularity.

Innovation and Tools

We offer tools and advice to facilitate the circular transition by accompanying companies, entities and organizations in the process of measurement and innovation towards circularity.


Our community is open to companies and individuals willing to learn, participate and contribute to sustainable development. Becoming a member allows you to participate in exclusive events, connect with experts, start new projects and benefit from exclusive advantages.

Tondo Ecosystem

Tondo is a cluster of organisations dedicated to the Circular Economy, committed to creating an ecosystem involving universities, start-ups, companies, organisations and individuals to promote innovation, entrepreneurship and circularity. Tondo aims to expand and connect this network working on circular issues, fostering interaction between the worlds of creativity, research and production. In the current scenario of global emergency, an innovative approach and an ecosystem capable of rapidly changing business models and societies is essential.

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