What is TondoAPS?

TondoAPS is a non-profit organisation that actively acts to foster the transition to a restorative and regenerative economic and industrial system. Tondo is a place where entrepreneurs, innovators and designers can develop new projects related to the Circular Economy. 


TondoAPS has the mission to foster the implementation of the Circular Economy, transforming it into everyday reality. It works to expand and spread the culture and knowledge of the Circular Economy, support the launch of new businesses that implement a circular approach, and help established companies in the transition towards the Circular Economy.


TondoAPS aims to develop the ecosystem supporting the Circular Economy through events that favour the creation of a heterogeneous network of actors already working in the Circular Economy. Tondo represents a connection between institutions, enterprises, start-ups, universities, research bodies, and any citizen wishing to support the dissemination and application of the Circular Economy.

Activities and projects

TondoAPS carries out and supports analysesstudies, scientific researchprojectsexperiments and operational activities relating to interventions and services aimed at safeguarding and improving the conditions of the environment and the prudent and rational use of natural resources, following the principles of the Circular Economy.

Turning the Circular Economy into an everyday reality

To foster the paradigm shift required by the Circular Economy, awaken consciences, raise awareness, improve understanding of the positive impact the Circular Economy can have, and spread a vision of how to implement it, Tondo is concretely engaged in the realisation of various activities and projects, including:

Knowledge dissemination

Knowledge and its dissemination are among the foundations of Tondo. One of the association’s main tasks is to monitorstudy and analyse the Circular Economy: data on the national and international situation, articles written by experts in the field, studies on the core elements of the Circular Economy, experiments and applications to promote the dissemination of best practices. 

Blog to disseminate the most engaging news and topics from the world of the Circular Economy;

Podcast to give voice to experts and founders of start-ups developing circular solutions;

YouTube Channel updated with videos of the latest events organised by Tondo.

Analysis and research projects

Tondo develops studies and analyses to define and disseminate a clear, long-term vision of how to carry out the Circular Economy in specific areas considered of particular importance or critical. 

Circular Threads” 1.0 and 2.0 to analyse the level of sustainability and circularity in the textile and fashion industry;

Taranto Circolare” encompassing the study and analysis of the level of circularity in the city;

Il manifesto dell’acqua” on the management of water resources in Apulia;

Final reports after the Tondo events to make knowledge available to all.

Events, Hackathons, Workshops

Tondo aims to organise events, conferences, competitions, seminars, courses, workshops and other moments of discussion and sharing with citizens, institutions, companies, universities and research centres, also using new information technologies.

Re-Think – Circular Economy Forum, a format of events designed to stimulate critical thinking and show the possible evolutionary trends of the Circular Economy;

Hacking the city – Design a Circular Future, a hackathon created to generate and realise projects that favour the implementation of the Circular Economy in cities;

Several hackathons in collaboration with universities and enterprises.


Only through a widespread network will it be possible to support the systemic change that the Circular Economy requires for its dissemination and implementation.

Donate your 5×1000 to Tondo and contribute to change!

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