Measurement tools

Tondo uses methodologies recognized at national and international levels that allow to analyze and measure the level of circularity of products, companies and cities.

Why choose circularity measurement tools

Tondo’s measurement tools allow 360-degree monitoring of different aspects of a system, identifying strengths and weaknesses and understanding any areas where action can be taken to improve circularity and be more sustainable.

Support in understanding the level of circularity of a product

It provides an overview of the flows of materials, energy, water, packaging and waste created by the processes of making a product and its end-of-life..

Support for companies in understanding their level of circularity

It provides an overview of the company.

The results can be used to obtain circularity certification or exploited for sustainability reporting.

Support in evaluating the degree of circularity of a city

It provides a complete picture of material consumption and air emissions.

It allows monitoring the citizen’s quality of life, the efficiency of economic operations and the health of ecosystems.

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