Community companies

Community Companies

Are you a company looking for opportunities in the Circular Economy field?

Joining the Tondo community means being part of an innovative network that believes in a more sustainable and circular future while also deriving economic opportunities. Thanks to our network of companies, organizations, institutions, government bodies, and universities throughout Italy, it is possible to create new opportunities, share knowledge, and drive new initiatives for real change.

Community companies

Access to measurement tools

As a community member, you have direct access to the circularity measurement tools and continuous support in their use. The tools are designed according to nationally and internationally recognised methodologies to facilitate the understanding of the circularity degree of a product or the entire company and to aid the identification of strengths and weaknesses in a system.

Community companies

Customised workshop

The Tondo team makes its transdisciplinary expertise available to community members to organise a workshop tailored to the company’s specific needs. Following the measurements made with the circularity measurement tool, we offer the possibility to develop a working table to discuss the results obtained, identify possible areas of intervention and plan possible improvements following the principles of the Circular Economy.

Thematic webinar 

The Tondo team organizes webinars for community members to bring together experts, professionals, and interested parties to share knowledge, experience, and best practices in the Circular Economy. We offer the opportunity to stay up-to-date and learn more about technical and new topics, as well as frontier topics.

Community companies

Exclusive discounts  

As a member of our community, you can benefit from special discounts of 15%-20% on the many activities offered by Tondo. The discounts cover both the organisation of customised hackathons and participation in numerous events focusing on innovative topics related to the circular economy.

The registration fee starts from 1.500 euros, depending on the company’s dimensions.