Tag: Technologies

Zero plastic waste

How can the UE and Italy reach the goal of zero plastic waste in the near future? Find out the different regulations and the steps already in action.

Sustainable Mobility

At the last Re-think event held in Taranto, one of the topics covered during the three days was sustainable mobility: it is important to rethink infrastructure and the way of moving in a more sustainable way.

Circular Furniture Design

During the Re-think Circular Economy Forum Milan 2022 event, Valentina Cerolini, co-founder of Deesup, started her speech by presenting their reality.

Triporous: what is it?

Triporous is a brand new porous carbon material developed from rice husk, presented during the Re-think Circular Economy Forum.

Bi-rex: from waste to resource

Bi-rex is a startup that wants to a new economic model, able to recover high-value products from biomasses derived from agro-industrial processing.