Tondo organises hackathons to bring to life and concretise projects that promote the implementation of the Circular Economy. The events involve students, recent graduates and PhD students from various universities in the area who have the opportunity to develop concrete ideas and discuss different challenges proposed in collaboration with partner companies.

Hackathon structure

Each Hackathon is designed and built ad hoc on different thematic areas, considered important for the partner companies and the sustainable transition. Tondo focuses on the operational activities required to run the Hackathon and, together with the companies, proposes specific challenges on which to develop the students’ projects. Universities and schools in the area are involved in collecting the students’ applications, while a jury with members from the promoting company is in charge of electing the winners of the challenges to be awarded prizes chosen together with the event partners. Once the hackathon is over, companies may decide to support the most interesting winning projects in their implementation.

Aims and objectives of Hackathons

The Hackathons organised by Tondo aim to develop projects related to circularity and the territory to encourage the emergence of innovative activities that have a positive impact on the local system and the company, bringing out creativity and inventiveness. The events aim to spread the key concepts of sustainability among young students so that they can foster a cultural change and bring students closer to the corporate world with a view to circularity. Finally, they make it possible to broaden and connect the ecosystem working on sustainability issues by fostering interaction between relevant actors for the implementation of innovative projects.

Benefits for industrial partners

Hackathons are an effective way to field test resources and are an opportunity to meet and recruit new talent. Industrial partners can intercept innovative ideas to tackle complex challenges and initiate new business projects. By actively participating in such events, partners can forge valuable relationships with a wide network of actors, paving the way for future collaborations and business opportunities and contributing positively to local development. Investing in hackathons is an effective way to drive innovation and the transition towards the Circular Economy.

Some Hackathons by Tondo

Tondo organised numerous Hackathons involving leading Italian universities and important industrial partners.
The Hacking the City format has involved over 20 universities throughout Italy and numerous companies, including Ferragamo, Esselunga, A2A and Lavazza. Several Hackathons are organised in parallel with the Re-think Circular Economy Forum in Taranto, while in 2022, the Hackathon “Calore in Rete” in collaboration with A2A celebrated 50 years of district heating. The Hackathon in collaboration with the University of Padua, as part of the CLOCKS project, saw the collaboration of partners such as Barilla, Albini, and Umicore.

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