Measurement tools

Measurement tools

Tondo uses nationally and internationally recognised methodologies to analyze and measure the circularity of companies, entities and organizations. Through our measurement tools, it is possible to measure the circularity level at a product or a company level.

measurement tools: products

The measurement of products

The measurement tool of products is founded on an internationally recognized methodology, the Material Circularity Indicator by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. By inputting the necessary data, a product’s level of circularity is calculated, starting with raw material flows, inputs and outputs related to the product, product-specific energy, water consumed, and packaging.

The measurement of companies

The measurement tool of companies follows is made by 71 indicators, and maps six key areas of the company. Those indicators and the calculation methodology come from the UNI/TS 11820 technical specification. The tool, based on this norm, provides the circularity level of the whole company.

measurement tools: companies

measurement tools: cities

The measurement of cities

Starting with an analysis of the tools available in the literature and evaluating similar experiences proposed in other cities, Tondo proposes an analysis of the main material and energy flows of cities. The first stage of the work is to identify the boundaries of the system, after which the province’s material and energy data are collected in terms of both inputs and outputs.

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