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What Is TondoLAB?

TondoLAB simplifies the companies’ journey to the circular economy by facilitating the design, innovation and creation of new realities, through the collaboration with different actors such as start-ups or research centers.

Designing circular solutions

TondoLAB supports the implementation of innovative circular solutions capable of promoting circularity in company activities and processes. The Tondo team acts as project managers by supporting and managing the implementation of these solutions from the idea identification phase, which may follow circularity measurement, to validation, up to the actual launch on the market, also leveraging its network of startups and research centers.

TondoLAB conducts a cost-benefit analysis of the potential projects identified during the design activities, to implement those that have a tangible economic and environmental impact and that are easily scalable. In addition, Tondo identifies all the resources and stages needed for implementing the circular solutions.


Thanks to its big network, TondoLAB identifies innovative ideas and encourages value-creating collaborations with start-ups or research centers in specific fields of interest, based on the requested capabilities and needs.

We develop innovation calls and scouting sessions through our network of expert innovators, following these steps:
1. Understanding needs
2. Launching the call
3. Selecting the best solution
4. Collaboration monitoring

Venture Building

TondoLAB promotes the birth of new realities in the circular economy, thanks to the synergy of two solid acquisition channels (hackathons and scouting). We identify and select successful ideas and encourage their development by adopting a circular approach.

Following a careful evaluation of the idea (market analysis, environmental and economic impact), we provide support in the subsequent MVP Design and testing phase (needs analysis, definition of resources), up to the launch of the new project in the market.

This process can involve internal company resources, fostering intrapreneurship, or external resources by creating new entities, depending on the choices made in the design phase and the level of alignment with the main business.


TondoLAB accelerates the growth of circular startups and projects by facilitating and supporting access to capital through its expertise in the field and its network.

TondoLAB directly assists in the analysis and improvement of documentation to maximize, simplify, and streamline the fundraising process.

We conduct in-depth analysis and pre-screening to identify venture capital firms, family offices, or other investors potentially interested in supporting the company’s growth.

Case History

Market analysis
Due diligence
City circularity
Circular construction
Waste valorization | food
Corporate circularity
Venture Building