In this episode we discover the world of sneakers with Giuliana Borzillo, CEO and Founder of Id Eight. Although sneakers are a much loved and widespread accessory, their impact on the environment and on people’s health, caused by the use of chemicals and non-recyclable material, does not go unnoticed. So Giuliana Borzillo, together with her partner and designer Dong Seon Lee, propose more sustainable solutions as well as 100% Made in Italy sneakers, produced with food waste and polyester recycled from plastic waste. The interview below is in Italian.


In questa puntata andiamo alla scoperta del mondo delle sneakers con Giuliana Borzillo, CEO e Founder di Id Eight. Sebbene le sneakers siano un accessorio molto amato e diffuso, il loro impatto sull’ambiente e sulla salute delle persone, causato dall’utilizzo di agenti chimici e materiale non riciclabile, non passa inosservato. Giuliana Borzillo, insieme al suo partner e designer Dong Seon Lee, propongono così soluzioni più sostenibili nonché sneakers 100% Made in Italy, prodotte con scarti alimentari e poliestere riciclato dai rifiuti in plastica.

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