Community people

Community People

Are you passionate about sustainability and Circular Economy issues?

We disseminate knowledge about the most important innovations and news to create a community of individuals aware of the principles of the Circular Economy. Thanks to the Tondo community, you can enter a stream of innovative ideas and unprecedented knowledge.

Community People

Active participation and new content

As part of the community, you get access to unpublished projects and content, as well as the opportunity to participate in Tondo meetings together with a diverse panel of experts. In addition, there is the opportunity to become part of a network of young people who can pick up on trends related to innovation and the Circular Economy.

Community People

Direct involvement 

Thanks to the community, you can be part of the change by supporting the association with various activities. Each member has the opportunity to propose new initiatives and contribute concretely to the creation of webinars and articles on cutting-edge topics. In addition, we offer, on a preferential basis, the possibility of participating in Tondo hackathons as a tutor, depending on the skills and experience acquired. 

Community People

Exclusive discounts

As a member of our community, you can benefit from special discounts of 15%-20% on the numerous activities offered by Tondo. The discounts apply to training courses as well as initiatives offered by Tondo or other network partners.

The registration fee for students is 20 euros, for researchers 35 euros and for all others 50 euros.