workshop and education

Workshop and education

Workshop and education

Tondo offers workshops and training to anyone wishing to deepen their understanding of the Circular Economy and apply it in their operational realities, actively contributing to the transition towards a circular and sustainable economic model. With a mix of theory and practice, the aim is to provide all the necessary skills to face the challenges of the Circular Economy and seize its opportunities.

Ad hoc workshops

Tondo organises ad hoc workshops to reveal alternative Circular Economy solutions to apply in different contexts.

Through a Design Thinking approach, Tondo supports companies in devising new Circular Economy activities and projects.

The workshops are organised in collaboration with specialised figures with specific industrial knowledge and technical skills.

The workshops are designed for educational institutions, companies and events.

Education on Circular Economy

Tondo offers targeted training to enable the acquisition of specific knowledge on the Circular Economy, from basic concepts to practical methods and relevant case studies.

Tondo employs practical methodologies and real case studies to showcase successful examples and challenges, guiding the understanding and practical implementation of the Circular Economy.

The training focuses on specific areas or relevant functions, with significant business applications and the best strategies to follow.

A key element of the training concerns the measurement of circularity, for which Tondo provides specially designed criteria and tools.

Who they are aimed at

Tondo’s workshops and training courses address institutions, organisations and companies. They are developed through customized programs that cater to the specific needs of each of these entities.

We have collaborated with prestigious academic and professional institutions, including the Cattolica University of Milan, the LIUC University of Castellanza, Sole 24ORE, Federprofessional, the University of Padua, the Polytechnic University of Bari and the Federico II University of Naples.

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