Circular Economy forum

Re-think Circular Economy forum

Re-think Circular Economy forum is an event format designed to present a vision of the macro trends, possible evolutionary paths and main projects of the Circular Economy. It actively involves companies, start-ups and research institutes intending to offer a space and tools to investigate the new boundaries of the Circular Economy.

The format and goals

The events revolve around specific focuses related to the Circular Economy and consist of speech sessions and operational working tables where experts in the sector, policy-makers and actors active in the area and beyond present the various topics and work together to propose ideas and projects for sustainable development. In conjunction with the event and the chosen themes, hackathons open to students are proposed to generate new innovative and entrepreneurial projects; stimulating workshops are organised, and exhibition areas are set up for start-ups, corporations, research centres and other entities to promote exchanges of best practices, industrial symbiosis and business matching.

The audience and the benefits of the format

Re-think addresses an audience interested in innovation, entrepreneurship and the Circular Economy to involve the most relevant players in the ecosystem, including entrepreneurs, managers, professionals, innovators, public institutions and venture capitalists. During the events, practical paths capable of bringing innovative and entrepreneurial activities to the local and national systems are presented. Participating offers the opportunity to get in touch with a heterogeneous network, share ideas and contribute to the development of the Circular Economy.

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The editions

Promoting the dissemination and adoption of the principles of the Circular Economy, the format aims to consolidate the event’s presence in different regions with the goal of welcoming an increasingly large audience over the years. Re-think was first organised in February 2019 at Universit√† Cattolica of Milan, followed by a second event in Genoa. The third event took place in October 2020 online, and the fourth in Taranto in September 2021. For 2022, three events were organised in Milan, Naples and Taranto, while the most recent edition took place in Taranto in 2023.

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