Emma Salioni

WIth a degree in Digital content management for media, enterprises and cultural heritage, Emma Salioni has always had a strong interest in sustainability and circularity. After a period of time spent workin in The Netherlands, she started working with Tondo managing social media and communication, as well as supporting the organization of hackathons and events.

Green Claims Directive: what is it?

To limit greenwashing, in 2024 the European Union introduced the Green Claims Directive, an ambitious piece of legislation aimed at ensuring the transparency and truthfulness of environmental claims made by companies.

Zero plastic waste

How can the UE and Italy reach the goal of zero plastic waste in the near future? Find out the different regulations and the steps already in action.

CLOCKS, CLOsing the loop 2024

Tondo is organizing a hackathon within the CLOCKS – CLOsing the loop Summer School, aiming to establish high-educational initiatives in the field of circular economy.

Minimum Environmental Criteria (MEC): what are they?

Minimum Environmental Criteria (MEC) are the environmental requirements defined for the various stages of the purchasing process aimed at identifying the best design solution, product or service from the environmental point of view along the life cycle, taking into account market availability.

What is cradle-to-cradle design?

Cradle-to-cradle design is defined as a biomimetic approach to product and system design. It can model human industry on nature’s processes.

ESRS E5: a new standard for sustainability reporting

ESRS E5 is one of the five specific environmental standards of the European Sustainability Reporting Standards. It defines the information that the company must disclose when reporting on the use of resources and the circular economy.

Circular economy courses

Find out about all the different circular economy courses available online and offline, what they are and why they are important.

What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is an event in which different actors compete against each other. Participants can be experts from different fields of computer science, recent graduates in scientific subjects, PhD students or even students.

Circular Summer School Padova 2023

From Monday, 17th of July until Saturday, 22nd of July Tondo took part in the Circular Summer School Padova 2023, a main activity of the CLOCKS Project, co-founded by EIT Raw Materials (founded by EIT – European Union), under the patronage of the University of Padua.

How to support Tondo APS

Founded in 2018, Tondo APS is an association that aims to pursue the development, dissemination and application of Circular Economy principles and concepts.